A rough guide to revolution for academics and activists.
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Revolution in the 21st Century

Book cover This book seeks to provide access to current concepts in social and political philosophy at a popular level and to place ideas of political action in that context.

Consideration is given to those ideas that, it would seem from today's viewpoint, will stamp the character of the coming century. This includes concepts such as postmodernism and existentialism as well as ideas of sociobiology, chaos/complexity theory, cosmological physics and postmodern art.

The book contains many references suitable for further research and the hard-pressed student might find in it a convenient entry to the confusing (and often confused) world of socio-political academia.

"It is a thoroughly enjoyable book aimed at students of politics and other potential activists. It is not the first such book, but it is one of the best"
David Renton
University of Sunderland in The Lecturer.

"Jack Grassby has a wonderful sense of radical history, but never stops thinking about the future. His writings are now a feature of the debate."
David Miliband M.P.
former Head 10 Downing Street Policy Unit

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