A rough guide to revolution for academics and activists.
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Image.If this book has a ‘message’ it is that there is no message – no transcendental grand narrative to which we can look for guidance outside our material selves. That is our inheritance from the 20th century. But if we are denied the solace of ideological certainty, we have the necessity and excitement of existential choice. Rather than Fukuyama’s ‘end of history’, it can be thought that history, as a conscious choice of human destiny, has only just begun.

There are many possible choices for the human species, and, for the revolutionary socialist, there are many potential roads to revolution. For the evolutionary socialist there are many possible paths to the socialist end of the capitalist-socialist axis. It has been a theme of this book that this choice must be open to us free from the material and ideological constraints of capitalism and the conditioning of transcendental religion.

And the revolutionary impulse at the heart of the socialist ideal, is the assertion that all members of the human species have an equal right to that choice of where their individual and collective destinies lie.

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