A rough guide to revolution for academics and activists.
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Image.The detailed appendix goes on to include references, links and useful addresses as well as extracts from various important, interesting and controversial publications. Below is a list of the various headings within the appendix.


  1. Direct Action Groups
  2. Human Rights
  3. Trade Unions
  4. Non-Socialist Parties and Groups
  5. Socialist and Anarchists Parties and Groups
  6. Hacktivist Sites
  7. Karl Marx and the Materialist Conception of History
  8. The Labour Party; Current Aims and Constitution
  9. The Socialist Party of Great Britain
  10. The Socialist Workers Party
  11. The Claimants Union Charter
  12. The Anarchist Communist Federation
  13. Free Legal Advice and Representation
  14. Humanist Amsterdam Declaration 2002
  15. Open Letter to British Soldiers.

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