A rough guide to revolution for academics and activists.
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Responsibility for the books lies with all those with whom I have had a discussion (or an argument) about science, art, politics or philosophy. Particular blame lies with the more recent protagonists who include:

Mother Grumble – all images are from this Tyne & Wear collective publication (1969-1974) unless stated otherwise.

  • Malcolm Campbell
  • Jenny Pollock
  • Frank Mansfield
  • Alex Brown
  • Nick Davey
  • The Hamed Family
  • Bill Gray
  • Gordon Houlsby
  • Mark Houlsby
  • Debbie Fenwick
  • Joe Slevin
  • Alex Morris
  • John Temple
  • Peter Andrews
  • Mark Campbell
  • John Bissett
  • Peter Thompson
Others whose help and advice have been essential in making the book possible include Paul Gray (editing), Lee Foster (book & website design), and Dave Temple (publishing and printing).

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