Marches, strikes and occupations.Trade Union and Political Action In South Tyneside and South Shields in the 60s and 70's.
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The activities of that period were collective actions or they were nothing. I fully recognise that while I was often the spokesperson, the projects were only possible because of the efforts and co-operation of many people. Because of this I feel it necessary to risk offense by omission (or possibly by inclusion) by listing those responsible.

South Shields Trades Union Council

Bernard Appleton
Arthur Gibson
John Byrne
Paddy Cain
Ron Ingoe
Kathy Brown
Norman Cawthorn
Stan Fox
Jim Slater
Jim Rouson
Ted Abblet
Brian Steele
Bob Stitolph
Terry Devonport
Ivor Richardson
Ken Smith
Jim Florence
Mike Peel
Hughie Nicol
Doris Johnson
Iris Tate
George Bell
George Mordain
Malcom Campbell
Joe McAcroy
Joe Slevin
Violet Webster
Ned Elliott
Fred Pringle
Jim Moore
John Boundy
Jim Berry
Celia Pearson
Irene Lendayou
Maureen Tither
Peter Brook
John Sandercock
Bob Growcott
Davison Brenen
Jim Riddle
Dorothy Riddle
Mike Wales
John Wakeford
George Elstob

And, Peter Gillanders, Frank Mansfield, Malcolm Scott,
Stewart Smith - Journalists
Ernie Ferryhough MP, Arthur Blenkinsop MP,
Harold Tavaroges, Tony Brown - Solicitors.
Jack Smith, - Artist.
David Byrne, Deliah Slevin - Political gurus.
Keith Robison, Peter Andrews - Creatively unemployed.
Graham Perks, Ian Imrie, Ian Smith - Student activists.

Also, I would like to acknowledge the part played by the local and national media - often unwittingly (and sometimes unwillingly) they were nevertheless an integral part of the events. In particular I wish to acknowledge the collective work of the Shields Gazette which I have drawn upon extensively for this book and who provided at that time a real community service.

With failing memory I apologise to the many others whose names have slipped my mind but whose efforts made these events possible.
And, Finally, for their help in the product

Lee Foster; for his patience and design skills.
Dave Temple; printer, for his professional advice.
Paul Gray and Mark Houlsby; for their editing and advice.
John Temple and Ian Malcolm; for local Labour Party history.
Bill Gray; for his advice about everything.
Dave Johnston; for his tolerance and support.
The Lipman - Miliband Trust; for their financial support of this book.

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