Marches, strikes and occupations.Trade Union and Political Action In South Tyneside and South Shields in the 60s and 70's.
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"Jack Grassby has a wonderful sense of radical history, but never stops thinking about the future. His writings are now a feature of the debate."
David Miliband M.P.
former Head 10 Downing Street Policy Unit.

Book available now - only £8.99

Book Available £8.99

"From 1970 to 1975 a Labour Government was working with activites up and down the country. Jack Grassby's book covers this period and should be widely read to help us with the future."
Rt. Hon. Tony Benn MP

"The period was one of world-wide political action - involving workers, students, and community groups. Around 1969-1976 South Tyneside, and in particular South Shields, was the unlikely centre for some of these events.

Some with a revolutionary perspective see this as a revolution that failed. Others see this as a period of potential revolutionary change that lost its way - a revolution not so much failed as unfinished."

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